Digital Presence

Our digital identity solutions are aimed at transforming your brand

Akham assists in the creation of new digital products. We do not only assist in setting up innovative solutions but we also help in managing them so as to ensure the transformation of the brand’s operating model to a digitally effective one.
Akham develops compelling, engaging, and user friendly websites

The most valuable component of any business marketing plan is the website. Your website layout and design say a lot about your brand and business. Akham develops websites which do not only meet and exceed the expectations of its clients but also ensures that every visitor to the websites is inspired to take actions.

Domain Name Registration & Hosting Solutions

A domain can be described as an identity for a website just like a brand name represents the identity of a business. No website can exist without a domain name. Thus, domain name registration is a vital part of website development. Akham assists in domain name registration and hosting through its brand: “”.


Jonathan Simpson
Lead Manager
Jonathan Simpson
Lead Manager
Jonathan Simpson
Lead Manager

Why choose Us

  • Marvelously tech-saviness.
  • Connects with clients through effective communication.
  • Tailors campaigns to satisfy the goals of our clients.
  • Builds solid relationships based on trust.

Transforming Your Brand

Akham formulates strategies to transform your operating model.
Quality Skills
Akham has the quality skills needed to understand your brand from a local business perspective, analyze the competitive landscape of your business, and transform your brand operating model to a digital one.
User-friendly Websites
We understand that a website is the central hub of all business activities, thus we take our time to develop the user experiences which deliver value to customers.

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